Madeira has always been one of the most expensive tourist destinations in Europe because of the hotel and flight prices.However, the island is becoming increasingly more accessible to the public at large. Costs are becoming much more reasonable and there are more and more guest and rural houses in the island.
    There are still traces of the island's elitist tourism. It can be noticed in the way the tourists behave when relaxing and indulging in sport. Madeira is the ideal place for reinvigoration.


    Madeira is not only a vacation island for the elderly as rumor has it. This is no longer the case because it has something for everyone.
    The innkeeper park is relatively important and is constantly growing. Most of the hotels have 4 or 5 stars. Even in one with 3 stars you will still be assured of high quality. Better deals are to be had from travel agencies rather than coming on an individual basis. Aditionnaly thos coming on their own may have problems finding accommodation, which in Madeira is very varied.


Hotels, "Quintas" (dwellings of farmers and rich persons reconverted into hotels), Tourist apartments, Rural houses, "Pousadas" (guest-houses ) .... As yet there are no camping facilities on the island but in the mountains one is permitted to sleep in the open air.



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