Please STOP THINKING  that  Madeira is an island where it is not possible to have fun !


Even though the tourists may be of mature age,  you should know that 45% of the population is less than 25 years old.  This means that all these young people, in common with the older ones do have fun (trust us - we party too) .  Obviously we cannot compare with Spain where the mentality of the people is completely different.
In Madeira people only have fun and games at weekends, on the eve of public holidays or at important events such as the carnival in February or the "techno Party" in summer.  There are many places to dance but bear in mind that the bars don't get lively till about 1am. and the night clubs don't open until 3am. So what happens before???? Well, after 3 years we still don't  know it.  Some go to the cinema or have meals with friends; others have a nap and set their alarm so as not to forget the party.  Yes yes we checked it all outYou have to live like the locals.
To start:
The small village of CAMARA DE LOBOS (15min by car or by bus from Funchal). Many people there will drink the "Poncha" (local strong punch) or the "Nikita" (beer foam mixed with ice cream vanilla and pieces of pineapple, much more soft).
The Fora d'horas (in the hotel zone of Funchal in bottom of the Bougainvillea hotel).  Nice atmosphere to take some drinks  in front of expos of painting.
The Museum Café (municipal square of Funchal). Trendy and Gay friendly
The Old city of Funchal :  Lots of small restaurants and bars; have fun in the 113 bar, Revolucion or the Vintage, street Santa Maria
Dancing Bars till 3-4 o'clock :
The Mexicano (Commercial Center "Centro Mar" in the hotel zone). Latino atmosphere.
The Teatro Café (close to the theatre).  Very Parisian environment with many techno DJ'sVery trendy. Nice, frequented by the high society (Gay friendly).
The FX front of the port. Different rythms. Good atmosphere
The Golden Gate The greatest cafe in downtown (gay friendly)
The Molhe (on the pier). Excellent view of the sea from the 3rd floor.  Techno/House.
Arquipelago (in the front of The Francisco franco highschool in funchal) gay pub-karaoke
The Katz (lido promenade). Excellent atmosphere.  Techno/House.
The Bars/Discotheques :
The Copacabana ( Casino discotheque). Attended by the 30/50 years old generally.
The Marginal (in the port extension). Techno/House/Electro.
The Jam (same building as the Marginal). The Eighties.
The space rocket (New close to the casino) The Eighties with hostesses
Vespas ( same building as the Marginal and the Jam). Techno/House.
The Molhe (on the pier). Excellent view of the sea from the 3rd floor.  Techno/House.
We will not mention the small bars or the small discotheques of the surrounding villages which are nothing special except maybe the discotheque "La Barca" in Machico (30min from Funchal by car). 
Many Ladies night evenings are organized in the various places above.  Members of the fair sex don't have to pay to get in and  can enjoy free drinks.  There are also many pubs everywhere.

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